Quilt Packaging Patents

Multiple patents for QP have also been filed and/or issued. Below is a list of the currently issued patents:

U.S. Patent 7,608,919. “Interconnect Packaging Systems.”

U.S. Patent 7,612,443. “Inter-chip Communication.”

U.S. Patent 8,021,965. “Inter-chip Communication.”

U.S. Patent 8,623,700. “Inter-chip Communication.”

U.S. Patent 9,163,995. “Techniques for Tiling Arrays of Pixel Elements.”

U.S. Patent 9,620,473. “Quilt Packaging System with Interdigitated Interconnecting Nodules for Inter-Chip Alignment.”

U.S. Patent 9,806,030. “Prototyping of electronic circuits with edge interconnects.”

U.S. Patent 9,844,139. “Method of interconnecting microchips.”

European Patent E.P. 2,769,407. “Techniques for Tiling Arrays of Pixel Elements.”

China Patent No. ZL201621187382.4. “Prototyping of Electronic Circuits with Edge Interconnects.”

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