Custom Fabrication and R&D Services

Utilize the IIC Team’s Microfabrication/Nanofabrication expertise for prototyping and research.

One of IIC’s core competencies is fabrication and testing of micro and nano scale devices. IIC provides quick-turn prototyping of your design, or can provide design input to help take ideas into practice. E-Beam lithography, magnetic materials, electroplating of Cu, Au/Sn, Permalloy, and Ni are just a few of example applications that IIC has delivered on-time and on budget to customers.

E- Beam Lithography & Nanofabrication Services​

IIC engineers are experienced with the NDNF facility’s Vistec 100kV, 8-inch laser stage, 2nm beam EBL system for nanofabrication. Some structures that have been patterned & fabricated include:


  • 100 nm wide vias patterned and etched into 300 nm thick oxide
  • 50 nm wide vias patterned and etched into 300 nm thick oxide
  • 100 nm wide coils patterned and etched within 50 nm of via features
Thin Film Deposition Services

IIC leverages expertise in thin-film deposition based on past experience in Quilt Packaging fabrication and other R&D programs. Our services and benefits include:


  • Thin-film deposition of variety of metals, metal-alloys, and oxide.
  • Capable of micron-scale interconnect and metallization feature size through lift-off.
  • Sputter deposition, evaporation, ALD, and PECVD processes available.
  • Process control over film thickness and uniformity.
Dry & Wet Etching Services

As part of the Quilt Packaging fabrication flow, IIC performs an extensive amount of dry etching and bulk micro-machining. We leverage this expertise to provide excellent results for our customers’ R&D needs, including:


  • ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) etching of III-V susbstrates into the 10’s of microns
  • Xenon Diflouride (XeF2) etching for bulk Si removal and/or MEMs feature release
  • DRIE (Deep Reactive Ion Etching) BOSCH etch of Si into the 100’s of microns
  • Other RIE (Reactive Ion Etching), Plasma Cleaning, and more
Specialty Plating Services

From IIC’s proprietary Quilt Packaging inteconnect technology to unique customer R&D projects, IIC engineers and technicians are well-versed in materials deposition and plating. For sample sizes ranging from 4″ wafers to square centimeter chips, IIC can plate a variety of materials, consistently “hitting the mark” when it comes to on-time delivery, thickness tolerance and uniformity. Our services include:

  • Electroplating of Cu, Ti, Ni, Au-Sn, Permalloy, and more
  • Immersion Sn plating and solder plating for chip & package interconnects
  • Electroless plating of Au, Sn, and more



The IIC team has successfully executed multiple projects involving magnetic materials such as Permalloy. From electroplating nanostructures to characterizing materials, IIC’s magnetics capability can provide unique value to customers. Our services include:


  • Permalloy & other material plating & deposition capability
  • Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) sample characterization & testing
  • Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) for analysis of magnetic features down to the nanoscale
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) for imaging nanoscale features

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