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System-In-Package type integration has suffered from thermal management and bandwidth issues, not to mention floor-planning, design, and testing concerns. IIC’s innovative Quilt Packaging technology alleviates all these limitations and can deliver monolithic-like device performance while achieving true heterogeneous integration.

Our Story

Innovative Chip Packaging

Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC (IIC) was created by two University of Notre Dame researchers for the purpose of commercializing a revolutionary microchip interconnect and packaging technology, Quilt Packaging (QP). Working closely with customers and partners, the IIC team assists in the implementation of QP into existing process flows, performs proof-of-concept prototyping, and develops application-specific solutions for licensees. 

IIC’s patented technology delivers unprecedented microchip integration options to designers, enabled by the ultra-low-loss characteristics of Quilt Packaging interconnections, sub-micron chip-to-chip alignment, and chip-to-chip gaps as small as five microns. In addition to enabling an entirely new class of system designs, utilizing QP can result in significant cost reduction by partitioning large, poorer-yielding chips and “reconstituting” them from smaller, higher yielding chips, without reducing performance or functionality. Improvements in time-to-market, power consumption, form-factor and yield are possible with adoption of QP, as well as an increased flexibility in mixing and matching IP cores and existing designs. 

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